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For those smokers who have been waiting for the "right time" to give up the habit, that "right time" is now. Never before has so much wide-spread publicity been given to the dangers of smoking. The danger goes beyond the direct impact it has on the smoker's health. The addiction affects smokers psychologically and can also ruin their family and social life. Smoking is a true addiction and giving it up is not easy. As much as the physical dependency on the nicotine and tar, the mental aspect - the psychological comfort that smoking seems to give - is a tough shackle to break free from.

There is no one best way to give up smoking. There are various methods that have been used with success and you will need to find the one that works best for you. This is often a process of trial and error and one unsuccessful attempt should not put a smoker off trying something else to break free from the addiction. One popular method of giving up smoking is by using techniques given in a stop smoking eBook. There are a number of these eBooks available online either for free download or for a small fee. The danger lies in the fact that many of them are just brochures giving an outline of what must be done. These are not of much help. The serious stop smoking eBook is one that will provide all the relevant hows and whys of quitting the habit and take the smoker through the process step by step and even help to overcome the occasional slip ups that often occur.

The best stop smoking eBooks are those written by former smokers who have been able to give up the habit. These authors understand the problems of tobacco addiction and are able to relate to the physical and mental problems that giving up smoking causes the smoker. The very best stop smoking eBooks are those that are co-authored by medical professionals who are able to explain in detail how smoking harms smokers and their relationships with family and friends. No matter how long you have been smoking and whether or not you have tried to give up in the past, now is the time to make a serious effort and using the right eBooks is a great way to start.

A good stop smoking eBook will not just tell you about the danger of smoking. It will guide you through the de-addiction process in small and do-able steps. It will help the smoker deal with the overpowering urge to smoke and cope with withdrawal symptoms. The ebook must contain specific steps and various options that the smoker can take to break free from the habit. Generalities will not do.

The source of the ebook is most important in judging its worth. While those written by former smokers or doctors are the best, you must be sure that what you are getting is a complete support program in the form of the eBook and not just a few preliminary chapters where you have to pay to receive the full eBook.

If you are serious about quitting the habit, a stop smoking eBook can provide you the same kind of support and guidance as a support group or counseling.

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This article was published on 2010/03/31