Reducing Second Hand Smoke With Ecigarette

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When smoking, the only thing that makes a person happy is the smoke he or she is inhaling from the cigarette he or she lit up. They don’t really care about other people or the non smokers surrounding them. Everybody knows that smoking is dangerous to the smoker's health. Cigarette companies have been force to put that fact on every label and box of cigarettes sold in the market. There was even a warning that says "smoking kills" yet more and more young people are getting into smoking. Peer pressure, hobby, male stigma are all associated with smoking and is considered to be the reason why more and more adolescents are getting hooked up to it.

The thing is there is no such advertisement that says smoking can kill your non-smoker companion or the baby in your arm. There are no warnings that say it is dangerous to the people around you and that smoking can produce what we call second smoke that is known to be more deadly than the smoke that a smoker inhales.

What is second smoke and how to reduce it? Second smoke is the carbon monoxide produced when smoking. It is normally inhaled by people around smokers. There is one way to avoid it effectively if you are a smoker- use electric cigarette around your love ones. Make sure to use your ecigarette around public areas and keep it a habit to use electronic cigarette wherever you are.

Electric cigarette is the best alternative when it comes to smokeless smoking. Well why do well call it smoking if it is smokeless? Electronic cigarette is being run by a battery. It has a component that contains small amount of tobacco and nicotine substance that gives the user a taste of a real cigarette. This electronic cigarette burns and vaporizes the e-liquid inside the component called cartridge and the process eventually produces a smoke like substance. This smoke dissipates fast because it is not a real smoke but a vapour from the e-liquid substance inside the cartridge. This way, the smoker using the

Ecigarette gets to taste so little nicotine to satisfy their cravings without affecting anyone around. With ecigarettes, producing smoke isn't a problem anymore. There will be no worries of carbon monoxide production. Some smokers choose to get on with this method because they knew the price they have to pay if they will continue smoking around their families.

So start caring now and be more sensitive with other people around you and start using electronic cigarettes. It is a healthier way of smoking without risking anyone around you.

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Reducing Second Hand Smoke With Ecigarette

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Reducing Second Hand Smoke With Ecigarette

This article was published on 2011/11/08