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In the time of our ancestors, if a person wanted to stop smoking tobacco, he or she would probably go to a medical practitioner and ask for herbs or oils as a substitute. There were not much available means of stopping the smoking habit – no Nicocure electronic cigarettes, no Nicocure patches, no Nicocure herbal pills and tablets, etc.

The stark reality is that in today’s world, a smoker who wants to finally quit the deed can easily do so with a little help from a lot of products out in the market. All people would want to live in a perfect world, so the idea that a click of a mouse can bring you all the help you need is just profoundly ideal.

Even so, not all products work for everyone, so as a responsible consumer, it is up to you to decide whether a particular item will work for you. So to help you, here are the pros and cons of the popular Nicocure patch:


-Nicotine patches are said to be effective, based on clinical studies.

-There are no side effects, so it's basically safe to say that smoking withdrawal symptoms will not be felt.

-The patches are really very easy to use, very handy and convenient.

-Believe it or not, but research has shown that about 20 minutes after intake of the last cigarette stick, the body begins its slow repair to ultimate recovery. The use of Nicocure patches will speed up the process - again - without much of the effects of the withdrawal symptoms.

-Nicocure electronic cigarettes are also very good substitutes to regular cigarettes since nicotine is mixed with water to make the vapor. Unfortunately, not all people see it as a good way to quit because of the presence of the nicotine. If is for these people that anti-smoking patches were developed. Nicocure patches on the other hand, have Lobelia inflata, which is all natural, and herbal even - the perfect substitute to nicotine. (Lobelia is said to have been also used by Native American Indians in treating certain respiratory infections.)

-The taste of the regular tobacco cigarettes becomes so terrible for most people that they immediately quit smoking. (Yes, die-hard patch users say that it’s that bad.)

-The patches control the main problem of prospective quitters - nicotine addiction. (It does a great job, too.)

-These patches are said to contain antioxidant properties.

-Nicocure patches are also known to relax the nerves.


-There is no prescribed number of patches to make one completely smoke-free. The effectivity of the patch depends on the person - how entrenched he or she is in the addiction to nicotine.

-The good effects of Lobelia have been mentioned earlier. Then again, some people who are against anti-Nicocure patches may have a point – the plant is commonly known as Indian Tobacco for a reason.

We may not be in the Dark Ages or the Ming Dynasty, but our ancestors have bestowed upon us the ability to think. This is why in the use of any product, user discretion is always advised. So whether a quitter chooses to bring into play, a Nicocure patch or a Nicocure electronic cigarette, every person is different, so experimentation is almost always expected in matters as serious as quitting.

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Pros and Cons of Popular Nicocure Patch

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Pros and Cons of Popular Nicocure Patch

This article was published on 2012/11/15