Personal Vaporizer: Life Saver Device

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Electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizer can help those who want to quit smoking because they give the same sense of satisfaction as that of having a real smoke, an e-cig or Personal Vaporizer is a hand held device that vaporizes liquid using a simple heating element called an atomizer. The personal vaporizer is more popular as e-cig. The “PV” Personal Vaporizer is made up of 3 parts:  The battery, the atomizer, and the cartridge! The personal vaporizer was introduced in 2004, and is also known as is e-cig. It is made up of battery powered device and it can provide inhaled doses of nicotine or non-nicotine vaporized solution. A personal vaporizer can also offer flavors like banana, strawberry etc .It produces no smoke and flame. So, personal vaporizer does no harm to the smoker and people around. Due to this, it is a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes, cigars and tobacco pipes.

Personal vaporizers are designed in pen-style, which means they look like a ball pen in terms of outer appearance. Electronic cigarettes and e-cigars are manufactured with replaceable and refillable parts and components, so they are reusable. We can also manufacture disposable personal vaporizer to satisfy customers' demands. This device contains a sensor to detect the air flow when a user inhales through the device, and the mouthpiece to store flavored liquid solution and a heating element to vaporize the solution that comes with rechargeable battery. The mouthpiece usually comes with a small plastic cup inside to hold absorbent materials which are soaked with flavored liquid solution that may contain nicotine. It is also known as cartridge in vaporizer cigarette.

There is a heating element known as an atomizer. Personal vaporizer doesn’t have any tobacco, so it doesn’t produce any smoke which helps in smoking anywhere you want to. The main advantage of having e- cig is that it is smoke free and odorless which doesn’t harm any one around you. Those who are using the e-cig have reported significant cost savings in using the device. For example, they find they spend about a third of what they normally did annually on normal cigarette packs. There are special offers and discounts that can be availed from manufactures and from wholesale dealers that can bring down costs considerably, plus giving the opportunity of selecting from a range of electronic cigarette devices, to match everyone’s style.

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Personal Vaporizer: Life Saver Device

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Personal Vaporizer: Life Saver Device

This article was published on 2012/03/14