Hazards Of Smoking

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Hazards of Smoking

This generation is most aware of how hazardous smoking is to overall health. Aside from the aggressive and massive campaigns of global governments, regulators, and health organizations, consumers are well advised against the hobby that even labels and product cases of cigarettes and tobacco products bear warnings. The existence of alternatives to smoking is also most welcomed, especially the use of Vaporizer.

You might be asking, What makes smoking so bad to health if it is actually made of purely organic herbs? Several studies note that cigarette sticks contain more than 4,000 chemical compounds. About 200 of such substances are toxic to the human system, while 60 others have been identified as carcinogens (substances likely leading to formation of rapidly multiplying cancer cells). The most interesting fact is that such harmful substances and compounds are only released through the process of combustion or burning, which is necessary in smoking.

There are many herbs with potential therapeutic and healing effectiveness. However, because smoking is one good way to make the body effectively absorb substances and organic compounds, it is not surprising that health hazards are carried over to smoking of herbs. If you need to quit smoking but you do not want to deprive your system of the health benefits of herbs, the use of vaporizers is just right for you.

Vaporizing is a healthier method of taking in active ingredients and aroma from herbs and organic blends. This is why Vaporizer has long been considered as good alternatives to smoking. Unlike the process of smoking, vaporization in vaporizers do not employ combustion in heating up herbs to unleash and vaporize important substances and organic compounds. Thus, there is no production of carbon monoxide, tar, nicotine, and other toxins that could stick and accumulate inside the human body.

The use of Vaporizers also bring about numerous health benefits, as attested by several commissioned research efforts. The devices are not surprisingly gaining more popularity among consumers of all ages, in all walks of life.

What are the Benefits of Quitting Smoking?

For a smoker, quitting smoking is a very tough task. But, if you look at the various benefits that you would be able to enjoy after you quit smoking, the task would become a lot easier for you.

Smoking is one bad habit that takes away a lot from your body. Leaving it would make you enjoy numerous short term and long term benefits. Not only healthy but also your mental balance and your social life would all be benefited from it.

Some facts you must know about:

Just after 20 minutes you stop smoking, your blood pressure levels and your pulse rate come to normal.

After you leave smoking you are able to smell and taste things better.

You will feel more energetic after you stop smoking.

As a smoker quits smoking, his foot and hand temperature rises to the normal level. Also, the blood oxygen levels of the person increase and the chances or heart attack and stroke decrease. As the nicotine by-products get removed from the body, certain nerve-endings begin to re-grow.

Benefits for women

Smoking is the reason behind almost 10 percent of fetal and infant deaths. So, if you do not smoke during pregnancy you escape such a risk.

Pregnant women who do not smoke avoid the risk of having smaller babies lighter in weight at the time of birth.

After a couple of years of leaving smoking, the chances of cervical cancer in women decrease.

Non smoking women have a later menopause as compared to the smoking women.

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Hazards Of Smoking

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