Appreciating One Hitter Smoking Pipes

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It is interesting to note how one hitter pipes came to be available. The design stemmed from Japan where the Kiseru, a vintage, stylish smoking pipe, was very common, parallel to the Arabian Midwakh. The Kiseru is usually made of metal at its mouthpiece and bowl, with a bamboo shaft. The bowl is fitted with a screen of fine mesh for low temperature burning.


Kiseru became popular when tobacco became popular in Japan between the 16th and 17th centuries. It became involved in the Japanese traditional tea ceremony where the pipe was available for one to enjoy a puff from the Kiseru with his tea. The slender design of this pipe took a metal form, and was called a one hitter bat. Small quantities of tobacco can wrapped into a rolling paper and placed in the dugout bowl of the bat to function as a cigarette holder, as well.

Designs and Shapes

There are many types of one hitter smoking pipes available today. The large selection of choices allows a puffer to select the best choice, according to the budget or occasion. Although most one hitter pipes look similar, each is quite distinct on careful examination. Generally, one hitter smoking pipes comprise a long piece of pipe with a dugout bowl at one end and a mouthpiece at the other. Some can have built-in lighters that can be refilled with butane for a self ignition. Many one-hitters have a bowl cover, and some more designs make the cover movable so it can slide open or closed.  This is an interesting design which allows an exposure of the chamber for smoking, while serving to contain the tobacco like a snuff box. This will prevent any tobacco from spilling out when closed. Others incorporate a refillable gas valve that comes with an adjustable control of its flame. One hitter pipes can be made of brass or aluminum, or can be nickel-plated to give a different feel to your smoke.

Long and Short

One hitter smoking pipes come in long or short forms. Short hitters usually have a shorter dugout bowl for a small smoking session. Most short, one hitters are meant for one-puff smoking sessions, and they can be easily carried around. Longer one hitter pipes have a longer dugout bowl, for a smoker to enjoy a larger puff alone or with some friends. These mostly look like real cigarettes at around 4 inches long. Long one-hitters look very elegant as they are usually slender and fit the fingers well for a good hold without a tight grip.

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Appreciating One Hitter Smoking Pipes

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Appreciating One Hitter Smoking Pipes

This article was published on 2011/11/17